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Friends of Rocky Prairie

What You Can Do to preserve the unique habitat known as West Rocky Prairie into the future:

See The Best Ways to  Have Your Voice Heard, in order of effectiveness.


Join Us! We are Friends of Rocky Prairie, a local group –growing regionally– of concerned residents and homeowners. As the plans for the SSLC progress, there will be more to do!

Join our Mailing List – We will inform you of important meetings, upcoming zoning hearings and keep you updated. Write us via Mail: PO Box 140, Tenino, WA 98589 or Email: FORPrairie@hotmail.comm

Join our growing COALITION of businesses, churches, environmental groups, and clubs!

Visit this Website often – www.FriendsOfRockyPrairie.org for a variety of information about the SSLC and updates. Check Action Alerts! & Updates page.

Join our Core Group – We are forming a group of diverse, dedicated people who share concerns and want to be involved. This may involve about 1 meeting per month or attending relevant Port and zoning meetings.

Volunteer your Skills – Any special skills you possess, or do outreach & organizing, distribute flyers.

Send Letters, Emails and Phone call – We will inform you of our active contact-campaigns for when zoning and other issues are being considered. When you make contact, be sure to clearly identify who you are, what you are calling/writing about, where you live, and how you feel about the SLLC and why it is relevant to you.

Write Letters to the Editor – We will be sending out Press Releases, but your well-written letters to the editor can really help at any given time!

Contribute – We are establishing the Friends of Rocky Prairie Legal Defense Fund. If you can contribute money, have a fundraising idea or can make a contribution to a fundraising activity, let us know. Send your contributions to Friends of Rocky Prairie, address above.

Friends of Rocky Prairie is a registered, incorporated non-profit in the state of Washington; we do not have charitable deduction status yet.

We are still selling our Rocky Prairie CD and custom designed Rocky Prairie tee shirts.  Please contact us at FORPrairie@hotmail.com for information about purchasing either of those items.

Attend Port and Zoning Meetings

  • The Port of Tacoma meets at noon every other Thursday at their Tacoma offices, just off I-5.

  • The Port of Olympia meets at 5:30pm every other Monday in Olympia, across from the Farmers Market.

We will be sure to send Email alerts, or call, when there are important agenda item at the Ports, or any zoning meeting.


How to have your voice heard, in order of effectiveness:

  1. Handwritten letters (BEST)

  2. Letters typed & signed (Next Best)

  3. Faxes are Good,

  4. Calling,

  5. and then email.

Anything is better than not having your concerns known! It’s easy – write one letter and keep a master copy on file. Then (hand) copy, sign and send to each representative.




If you ever wish to make public comment:
1) talk about preserving the rural character of south Thurston County;
2) talk about how important it is to keep industrial uses away from nearby Millersylvania State Park and a sensitive preserve;
3) point out that it's the county's job to make zoning decisions and enforce them--especially when it so affects the public good.
4) discuss any other reasons why you think it's important to preserve Rocky Prairie.



Friends of Rocky Prairie

Contact us by email:  friendsofrockyprairie@gmail.com

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