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Please attend the Port of Tacoma Commission meeting this Thursday, June 13th, at noon.

Bring your friends and neighbors and small signs.

Get ready to tell your heartfelt stories of how a huge rail/truck transfer warehouse, like the one proposed, would affect you and south Thurston County. (Read the fact sheet).

Date: June 13, 2019, NOON
 Fabulich Center
 Rm. 104
 3600 Port of Tacoma
 Tacoma, WA
  (just west of I-5)

Hope to see you there!!

We've learned that the Port of Tacoma is going ahead with its sale of Rocky Prairie to NorthPoint -- that company now has until the end of February, 2020, to back out. They're paying $24 million for this property (that was originally appraised at only $8) million), and clearly they, the Port, and the railroads have huge plans for industrializing this whole area.

We need folks to show up at the Port of Tacoma's meeting on Thursday (June 13) at noon to let everyone there know that a massive industrial hub and huge transfer center in this part of the county is unacceptable.

Their plans are completely inappropriate given the sensitivity of the site and its critical aquifer, high water table, and proximity to endangered species. They're talking about 6 million sq. ft. of warehousing there. Imagine what that much impermeable surface will do to the water quality, the aquifer, our wells, and Millersylvania's Deep Lake.

Please attend the Port of Tacoma Commission meeting this Thursday, June 13th, at noon. Carpool with neighbors. Bring small signs. Get ready to tell your heartfelt stories of how this would affect you. (Read the fact sheet for more ideas for talking points, and additional information.

Date: June 13, 2019, NOON
Fabulich Center, Rm. 104
   3600 Port of Tacoma Road
   Tacoma, WA
   (just west of I-5)

Directions From I-5 NB:
- Take exit 136BB
- Merge onto Port of Tacoma Road
- Go one block past 1st major intersection of Hwy 99 and Pacific Hwy
- Turn left - large building is on your left.

Bring a small handwritten sign (8 1/2 by 11) you can hold on your chest. Ideas:

  • “Save Rocky Prairie”

  • ”No Industrial Hub on the Prairie”

  • “Save Millersylvania State Park”

  • “Sell to Wash. Fish & Wildlife”.

  • Or personalize it about your water/wells, or quality of life, or property values, or endangered species.

Sign up to speak if you can and provide heartfelt information about how their plans will hurt you and south Thurston County.

It's important that we let them know now that we're steadfastly opposed to this idea.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Let neighbors and friends know, let your Facebook friends and Next Door folks know. Give them our website so they can learn more. If they need a phone number to call, there's one on the contacts page of the website: 360-866-7596.

Also - Please bear with us while our website is being updated. There's a lot of useful information here, and we’re working hard to update it.

If you have questions, please send them to FriendsofRockyPrairie@gmail.com,

       Thank you!
            FORP Steering Committee




Friends of Rocky Prairie

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