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Friends of Rocky Prairie

Real Estate Values
And the South Sound Logistics Center (SSLC)

According to two local real estate agents (one employed by a government environmental agency), property values in the area of huge industrial sites generally decline, as desirability and resale value of the property commonly deteriorate. Though both realtors agreed that properties directly bordering industrial property usually increase, as they may be desired for acquisition by the industrial facility.

Whereas, a real estate agent from one of the Ports claims property values in the general area will increase due to job availability generated by the facility.

• The Ports have yet to make it clear how jobs will be created considering that the floating workers that would come from Tacoma, the railroad’s union workers, the independent trucking companies, and the low-wage warehousing jobs. Thus, they have avoided the topic of property values altogether in their literature. (See Jobs page.)

• Many of the residents who moved into the surrounding communities in the past decade did so to get away from noise and traffic; they invested in their properties never intending to live near an enormous industrial-center development. And landowners who have resided here for most of their lives are also very concerned about their property value.


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