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Friends of Rocky Prairie

Noise and Light Pollution
About the South Sound Logistics Center (SSLC)

Although the Ports are still speculating as to what type of facilities will go into the SSLC, there are several very worrisome factors involving hours of operation and light and noise.

If the plan is to develop a facility that assembles and “holds” trains, we may assume there will be a round-the-clock operation there. Because the Port property is in a wetland area, sound travels very easily in our neighborhoods. Several of the local residents on 143rd Avenue have complained of hearing loud truck noise generated from the site by the Department of Ecology clean-up vehicles. The noise came from no more than 2 or 3 trucks at one time. We can only guess as to the amount of noise that may be generated by this huge industrial site!

With the scope of the proposed development of the SSLC, there would inevitably be the necessity for giant lighting sources, which would likely operate 24 hours a day. This lighting could adversely affect the cycles of certain species in the area as well as the quality of life for residents.


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