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Friends of Rocky Prairie

Community Concerns

Anyone concerned about South Puget Sound’s development and land use issues may want to print copies of our community’s one-page printer-friendly fact sheet (same as information below on this page) for education & outreach purposes. It provides an introduction to the proposed development of a Logistics Center in the South Sound region. 

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Located in South Thurston County, 10 miles from Tumwater/Olympia
Proposed Logistics Center
- Fact Sheet

In cooperation with the Port of Olympia, the Port of Tacoma purchased 745 acres formerly owned by Citifor, Inc. It was the site of a munitions plant near Maytown between Scott Lake and Tenino. The South Sound Logistics Center (SSLC) would encompass 300 acres for warehousing, and remaining acres would include a distribution site for trucks and trains to sort and transport cargo, with other industries and manufacturing. An 18-month feasibility study began in July of 2006 and has since been extended 6 months, but plans for the center are well underway.

Possible Impacts:

  • Noise, Air and Light Pollution - The 745-acre facility, the size of a small city, would operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, creating non-stop noise, light and diesel particulate pollution in our neighborhoods.

  • Decreasing Re-sale Value of Property and Surrounding Areas - Properties bordering or nearby would be less desirable and re-sale values in our neighborhoods would very likely decline.

  • Homeland Security - America’s ports are identified as the most vulnerable “soft targets” for another terrorist attack. We will assume the risk of un-inspected, undisclosed freight from numerous foreign countries, transported, sorted or stored near our homes and in sensitive water and habitat areas.

  • Hazardous Substances - The Port of Tacoma is a superfund cleanup site because of its affiliated industries at the Port. This provides an example of businesses that might relocate or open at the SSLC. Federal law #49U.S.C.5112 strictly regulates truck transport of the 9 hazardous material categories. Because no comparable regulations exist for railroad transport, anything could end up at the SSLC.

  • Jobs - Since huge warehousing sites yield low job potential, Tumwater has crafted zoning code restrictions to limit proposed warehouse projects there. Also, it’s likely the Port of Tacoma will relocate or hire workers from their job pool first. Will profits from overseas’ commodities benefit our local economy?

  • Environmental Degradation - The site contains native outwash prairie, rare oak woodlands and wetlands, which support at least six endangered species. Fish and Wildlife attempted to purchase the entire property.

  • Well & Water Effects - County data describes this site as a “sensitive surface and groundwater area” and it is the headwaters for two salmon-bearing streams.

  • Traffic Congestion - This is a TRUCK and RAIL transfer station. Surveys done in 2002 for a similar facility to be located on this site show 4,166 vehicles per day, which don’t reflect current 2007 levels. The SSLC will create heavy truck traffic in Maytown, on Tilley Rd and surrounding areas. This facility is not to be located more than mile from Interstates per current zoning ordinances; the proposed site is 2.5 miles.

  • Gravel Mining - The Port of Tacoma is currently pursuing several gravel-mining permits for this site.

  • Millersylvania State Park - The Park is expanding south with a new access road off Maytown Road.

What you can do:

  • Join us - We are the Friends of Rocky Prairie, a group of regional homeowners and concerned residents. Join our email list, or write us. We will keep you updated and alert you to any community meetings or events about the SSLC.

  • Visit our website for detailed information, and addresses of officials*.

  • Volunteer - Contribute skills, or help with phone calls, emails, flyer distribution, outreach or organizing.

  • Send - Letters to editors. Write (best), call or email your representatives, commissioners & the Ports*.

  • Help - establish a Friends of Rocky Prairie legal defense fund or donate to offset expenses.

  • Attend Zoning and Port Commission Meetings with us.

Thank you for your interest!!


Friends of Rocky Prairie
PO Box 140, Tenino, WA  98589

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